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Who is Soj Foods?

You might know me, Taryn, or you might know my food-- either way, I'm grateful you made it to my site. 

Sojourn Food Company was founded to forever adapt to my culinary dreams & passions. Over the past 5 years, I've dipped my toes in anything and everything culinary & hospitality. I've worked alongside private chefs and cook book authors, taught at various cooking schools, catered events & hosted pop ups. Now I have a grab & go line in 5 stores throughout NJ & NYC. I also cook as a personal chef for families and individuals with specific dietary needs. 

I haven't always known the direction in which my life was going to unfold, but I have always maintained the same belief & excitement in doing my part to improve our planet. As a company, Soj aims to be as sustainable as possible, inside & out. We use plant based, organic ingredients and consciously compost our waste. Our packaging is and always will be responsibly sourced & compostable wherever possible. We do our best to help lower the carbon footprint that we leave on this earth. 

The journey of Soj Foods doesn't stop here! Behind the scenes we're working on procuring the perfect event space to host dinner parties, birthdays & special events. Stay tuned! 

Xo Soj

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