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Vegan Holiday Catering with Soj Foods

Need to take holiday cooking off of your plate? Look no further!

At Soj, we're happy to save you the cooking (and the cleaning) this holiday season, so you can spend more time doing whatever it is you need to do during this busy time of the year.

Our vegan holiday catering options are ready for you to explore! Head here to place your order. Deliveries will take place on 12/23 & 12/24 and all orders must be placed by 12/21!

Utensil set & plated persimmon salad with greens & candied nuts
Persimmon Salad (dining ware not included!)

Here's what we're serving up for the 2023 Holiday Season:

🥗 arugula & persimmon salad (candied walnuts, shallot, persimmon, ginger vinaigrette)

🍠 butternut squash & “sausage” white lasagna (béchamel, cashew cheese, spinach, house-made tempeh sausage, roasted butternut squash)

🫑 “sausage” & pepper red lasagna (marinara, basil, peppers, onions, house-made tempeh sausage, cashew cheese) 

🍫 chocolate cake (w chocolate peppermint frosting)

🎁 sampler tray of salad, cake, & 1 lasagna 

All options are (of course) vegan and can be made GF. Order here by 12/21!


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