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Welcome to Underground Supper Club

Welcome to Underground Supper Club, where we transform your dining experience into something we can promise you've not seen before.

Every month, we completely transform our industrial kitchen space into a warm, inviting, social event we've deemed Underground Supper Club. Come solo, bring a friend, or bring a party -- either way, we're here to celebrate some seriously delicious vegan food.

Each Underground Supper Club event is complete with a vegan 5-course chef-to-table menu to match each month's theme, along with a complimentary welcome beverage, a local artist with their artwork, and awesome company.

We think it's time we get social again. Don't you agree?

If so, join us on August 18th for Endless Summer, where we'll bring you the beloved experience of summertime classics, with an elevated twist. Hang on to every last bit(e) of summertime with our hand-crafted vegan menu that will highlight your favorite juicy seasonal produce!

We know you won't want to miss out on this, and we certainly don't want to miss out on YOU. *Please check your Spam if you're waiting on an invite but have not yet received it!*

Click the button below to start reserving your seat before our table fills up (seats *are* very limited!).


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